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Global Rhinoplasty Clinic ARTISTRY IN RHINOPLASTY


Global Rhinoplasty Clinic ARTISTRY IN RHINOPLASTY


Patient Stories

Global Rhinoplasty Clinic

With all his rich experiences through years, Dr Lokesh Kumar treated my nasal congestion to enhance air passage, opening them internally without changing the external appearance of the nose. I am happy as I can breathe easily now.
– Ms. Sunila Dhar


My nose was having unsightly humps or bump in the middle giving my face an irregular or disproportionate look. I am thankful to Dr Lokesh Kumar for conducting successful cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures and giving my nose the perfect shape & style I was looking for
– Shantanu Khosla


Rhinoplasty undoubtedly is a tough procedure to go through! While you may not worry about your pocket much, you certainly would be more concerned about the procedure itself and how your nose turns out to be.

I have googled for years trying to understand the Pro’s and Cons, and like many others the experience isn’t very pleasant. Most of the people who have undergone this surgery are either not happy or have undergone corrective Rhinoplasty (some have undergone more than 2 procedures).

I wasn’t ever sure whether I want to go for it or not, fearing that it might flip my confidence upside down. In the quest to make it happen, I consulted many doctors, the top brass of the medical fraternity including the ones from Moolchand and Gangaram, and no one could ever convince me with their answers, their own confidence about the procedure and one of the doctor was even blunt stating that it’s common to go for corrective procedures after the surgery. Really?

I was fortunate to get through to Dr. Lokesh. In my very first meeting, I felt convinced that he is the right person for this surgery. His knowledge and his confidence about the procedure sounded impeccable. It was later; that I got to know that he is a pioneer at such surgeries and have multiple certifications in that field.

After two consultations, I was ready for the surgery and it turned out to be what I exactly wanted. I knew my surgery was a lot more than just Rhinoplasty, it was way complicated, but I am glad that the doctor did exactly what I had asked for.

I am not the one who goes around bragging. The only reason I wrote about this is because I am sure that there are many others who intend to go for this procedure but are reluctant, like the way I was.

My experience with the Doctor along with pre and post surgical consultations is worth all time that I spent trying to figure out the right doctor.

He is experienced, knowledgeable, elucidating and spot on!
– Asif


Doctor was really kind and patient. Services delivered as promised. Patient experience was excellent at the clinic.definitely recommended
– Parth Chadha